Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in Panorama City, CA

At My Panorama City Plumber Hero, we know that household garbage disposals often go unnoticed. Your disposal may be used daily, but it is the one appliance in your home that is most overlooked. It isn’t until it stops functioning correctly or clogs that most homeowners pay attention to this kitchen appliance.

If your garbage disposal stops working, it’s important to call for professional plumbing service from a trust provider in Panorama City, CA, as soon as possible. Most problems are easy and inexpensive to repair when they are caught early.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

To keep your disposal working correctly, it is important to run water through the disposal while it is in use. This flushes the disposal and the attached drain, getting rid of excess food particles so nothing is left behind to clog the drain or jam the blades.

Garbage disposals are convenient appliances that make it easy to dispose of food waste, but nothing else. We think it goes without saying that you don’t put metal, glass, or plastic objects in the disposal, but every once in a while our plumbers will find these types of objects stuck in a disposal. Because it can be easy for objects like silverware to fall unnoticed into a disposal, we suggest that you visually inspect your kitchen sink for these items before turning the disposal on.

You don’t always need the assistance of a plumber to help you remove food particles or other objects that are causing a jam. If you can identify the problem, you can attempt to remove it yourself. Please remember though to always turn off the power and never put your fingers in the disposal. Use tools like a wooden spoon, a pair of tweezers or pliers instead.

When Should I Call a Licensed Plumber?

If you’ve been unsuccessful in determining what caused your disposal to stop working, or you’ve tried pressing the reset button without any luck, it’s time to call for professional plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers are expertly trained and the best at what they do. We service all of Panorama City, CA, as well as surrounding communities.

Not only do we provide affordable and precise garbage disposal repair service, but we are also licensed to offer quality garbage disposal installation. All of our services are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee and available around the clock. Call My Panorama Plumber Hero today and let us put you in touch with a plumbing specialist who can repair or replace your garbage disposal fast.